Multimedia Educational Centre (MEC)

It is in line with its mandate to teaching, research and services to the community that PIASS has established a Multimedia Educational Centre to promote ICT use and languages proficiency among Rwandans, starting from its students and personnel.


Building on PIASS’s mission which aims to fostering knowledge development and innovative research that are relevant for the society, the Multimedia Centre is a supporting tool to achieve quality teaching, research and service to community by producing learning materials, organizing trainings, hosting micro-teachings to mention but a few.


The main activities of the PIASS Multimedia Educational Centre are:

  • The multimedia Educational Centre is used for Language Laboratory.
  • It is used for Special ICT training.
  • It is used in serving PIASS ongoing staff training
  • It is used in Audio-video conference
  • It is used for Pedagogical Laboratory and hosting Micro-teaching
  • It is used in Electronic Learning

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