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our background

The institution which later on became the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences was founded in 1970 by mainline protestant churches which were operating in Rwanda.The institution was then called “Ecole de Theologie de Butare: ETB” (Butare School of Theology). In 1990, it was upgraded into Faculty of Protestant Theology of Butare (FTPB) which got official accreditation in 1993 by the convention No 1552 of 09 December 1993. In the same year, the convention No 1554/09.2/01/02 acknowledged the degrees delivered by the FTPB.

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Our Philosophy

PIASS holds the view that hope and science are indispensable tools for any society to survive and harness moral obligation of people to creatively improve the socio-economic environment in which they can survive and realize their potential. This can only be achieved through a well-conceptualized educational and scientific package through which everyone must rightfully experience and acquire the tools to facilitate this philosophy.

Latest Events

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the Vice Chancellor Penine UWIMBABAZI met with students from Huye campus, as an opportunity to introduce new leadership team, academic & administrative staff as well as the new PIASS Guild Council. In this meeting, students were reminded of policies regarding academics,

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Wednesday 26 th October 2022 marked the start of a new chapter for the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences (PIASS). On this day, we hosted two important events at PIASS Huye Campus. The fist event was the inauguration of the new building which will host the 4 th Faculty of Architecture and Green Technologies. At the beginning, this faculty is expected to have two programs namely; Bachelor degree of Architectures and the program of Water Resources Management.

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