PIASS - PIASS is Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences


This affects the speed of the development of the society because it takes a long time for the classical ways to reach to the community. As we are in a globalized and digitalized world, Christian institutions are also called to use modern technology in advertizing their programs and activities so that the society may easily access and benefit from them. Christian Broadcasting Nexus - CBN is a community benefit organization or social enterprise which aims at helping Christian institutions to make their programs, activities or projects, and events to be known by the society in a short time. Among the Christian institutions that CBN partner with include Christian universities, hotels, hospitals, denominations, foundations, evangelical movements, and religious dedicated communities. Our partnership is realized through different activities such as graduations and other ceremonies, inauguration of projects, public conferences, public lectures, workshops, research publications and academic debates, trainings, seminars, sermons, advertisement, and others. In addition, CBN helps Christian institutions to share knowledge from a scientific level to the level of the community, and from theoretical level to the practical level. In other words, it aims also at helping academic institutions to disseminate their activities, researches and findings. In fact, it has been observed that many universities publish books and students write dissertations, but their knowledge remain at the university and some books remain in the library and fail to reach the community which they intended to develop. Discussions of important topics are done at the university level but lack the bridge to share the outcome of those discussions to the society. Hence, CBN exists to help universities to disseminate those knowledge and skills, books, discussions and presentations to the society. Furthermore, CBN helps students of social sciences to get opportunity to practice public speaking and address burning issues of the society through social media. This responds to the situation where poor ability of public speaking is a big challenge to the students who are graduating from many universities to the extent that some fail to introduce themselves during job interviews. Theologians are criticized to be weaker in preaching than Christians who don’t have any training. In this regard, CBN creates a platform for students to excel by practicing and presenting their works through social media and online newspaper.

 Our vision is to build a society that is holistically empowered and sustainably developed.
 Our mission is to increase social awareness, enhance community empowerment and facilitate academic institutions to disseminate their various programs through media and concrete actions.
CBN carries out its mission through these three main pillars:
- Evangelism
 - Capacity building
- Information
 “Creativity – Integrity – Accountability (CIA)”