Today our Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academics Rev. Dr. Viateur Habarurema chaired a handover session between Mr. Emmanuel Niyibizi (the outgoing Coordinator of Center for Didactics and Research in Education/CEDRE) and Dr. Ibraham Tangwe (the incoming Coordinator of this Center).

CEDRE was established in PIASS on 28 February 2018, with the mission of “Contributing to educational quality improvement in Rwanda and Sub-Saharan Africa through innovative research and didactic” and Mr. Emmanuel was the first ever Coordinator of the Center. In this handover session, the outgoing Coordinator submitted documents be made up of reports of implemented activities of the center as well as plans of ongoing projects. Since its establishment, CEDRE implemented activities of capacity building for PIASS lecturers and professors. In partnership with the University of Bamberg-Germany, the Center organized and implemented series of trainings on; Didactics of higher education: for PIASS academic staff. PhD seminars for PhD students and those who are final year of their Master’s studies.

Mr. Emmanuel, Dr. Tangwe and DVCA of PIASS after the Handover

So far, the Center has two ongoing projects, and they should be implemented under the coordination of Dr. Abraham. Those projects are; - A two year project which consists of training of teachers from 20 primary schools of Presbyterian Church of Rwanda. - Water Partnership Project: This is a project which CEDRE is implementing in partnership with Oxford University (UK) and In Service Teachers Training (Cameroon). It will train students and lecturers from Natural Resources and Environmental Management Department, and Geography (Science and Humanities Department). Dr. Abraham who is from now on coordinating the Center, is a lecturer in the Faculty of Education, and his predecessor Mr. Emmanuel was recently appointed by PIASS Council to be the Director of Research in PIASS.

Editor: Serge MUVUNYI