In line with the celebration of Rwandan Heroes Day 2023, on 27th January 2023, The Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences (PIASS) organized public lecture about Heroes Day which is being celebrated on 1st February every year. The lecture took place at Huye Campus, both PIASS students & staff attended it.

Under the theme of “Our Heroism, Our Dignity”, Mr. Albert NDAYAMBAJE a lecturer in the Faculty of Education, reflected on the reason why Rwanda is celebrating this important day in the history Rwanda. This day is observed in order to honor national heroes as source of inspiration for Rwandans to excel in all their undertakings.

As young generation, students were reminded of values of patriotism and sacrifices made by Rwandans and how they have fought for the country and helped restore peace. Their heroism brought Rwanda out of the difficult times it was going through. They were told that fulfilling their responsibilities as students, is also among values of heroism.

At the end of this public lecture, The Vice Chancellor of PIASS Prof. Dr. Penine Uwimbabazi, urged participants to stay devoted to their culture because it is in that culture lays the foundation of development, patriotism as well as heroism. She benefited from that opportunity to wish a happy Heroes Day to the PIASS Community and all Rwandans in general.

“Our Heroism, Our Dignity”