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Tuesday November 23, 2021 a handover ceremony between Dr. SIBOMANA Innocent (the new campus Coordinator) and Mr. NTAKIRUTIMANA Eduard (outgoing coordinator), took a place at PIASS, the Karongi Campus.

Mr. Eduard NTAKIRUTIMANA was the coordinator of PIASS, the Karongi Campus for the last 5 years (2015 – 2021). During his mandate, a lot of achievements in both academic and non-academic activities were made. Among others, there is the Campus building which was completed and officially inaugurated in 2019, establishment of a holiday program in which students who are also teachers in primary and secondary schools join and study during the holidays. In addition to that, partnership with different organizations was established in order to facilitate students’ internships and their research activities.

Not only infrastructure and facilities were made available for both students and lectures, but also there was an increase of academic and administrative staff in order to enhance teaching and learning process and improve the quality of education provided at the Campus through good service delivery.

Dr. Innocent Sibomana who is now the captain of the boat has a task to complete in order to keep the Campus prosperous. This task includes for example elaborating various strategies to attract more partners, increasing a number of students, improving quality service delivery and performing effectively and efficiently other duties to ensure the growth of the Campus

This handover was done in presence of:

  • Prof. UWIMBABAZI Penine, The Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academics
  • Dr. UMUZIRANENGE Gloriose, The Director of Quality Assurance
  • Mr. TWAGIRUMUKIZA Aloys, The Academic Registrar, and
  • PIASS Karongi Campus Teaching and Administrative Staff