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PIASS-7th Graduation Ceremony

Quality Research and Education, Climate Change Adaptation and Service to Community Hailed during PIASS 7th Graduation Ceremony On June 18, 2021, for the 7th time, the Protestant University of Rwanda (PIASS) successfully organized a graduation ..

PIASS Scientific Week 2019

Educational quality: Challenges and Opportunities was the topic of the annual Scientific Week of the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences [PIASS] for 2019. The Scientific Week in PIASS is one of the major annual scientific activiti..

Workshop of Librarians

Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences (PIASS) and “Centrale de la Literature Chrétiennne Francophone” (CLCF) organize a two full days of librarians’ workshop which will take place in PIASS, Huye campus, Southern Province of R..


PROTESTANT INSTITUTE OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES 6th GRADUATION CEREMONY For the sixth time, the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences [PIASS] awarded degrees to 283 students. The ceremony took place on June 19th 2019 at PIASS Karo..

International conference

  From 27-28 September 2018, the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences, Huye- Campus, organized and hosted an International conference on “The European Union, the East African Community, and the Continental Integration of Afr..


Together for the survival of our planet: our contribution to mitigate global warming and climate change Is our planet under serious menace? If yes, to what extend? Whose responsibility is it? And what to do? Are developing countries in general..

Visit of UEM General Secretary

On Thursday 11th January 2018, the UEM General Secretary Rev Volker Martin Dally and Rev. Dr. Muke Nagaju, UEM Deputy Executive Secretary-Africa, visited PIASS, Huye Campus. They were well welcomed by PIASS’s Vice Chancellor, Rev. Prof. Eli..

PUR Fifth Graduation Ceremony

PUR FIFTH GRADUATION CEREMONY 26th October, 2017 Students during graduation ceremony For the fifth time, the Protestant University of Rwanda [PUR] organized a graduation ceremony at its Huye campus on October 26th 2017. 273 students from the..


PUR/PIASS 2017 Scientific Week  [SW] The Protestant University of Rwanda [PUR/PISS]   annual Scientific Week 2017  has just ended.  The research topic that gathered the entire academic community and external scholars was: Home Grown In..


PIASS SCIENTIFIC WEEK 2016 Scientific Week is an annual event organized by PIASS to bring together all academic community, the three faculties (Education, Development Studies, and Theology and Religious Studies) to discuss a common theme that ..


September 30, 2015 will be remembered and treasured in the PIASS records as a day representing the growth and development of PIASS as a higher learning institution. It was a day of many festivities at the Taba-Huye campus: the 4th graduation c..