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Department of School Psychology

In an effort to develop our country, the Government and the private sector, in particular Churches, spend a lot of money on education. It is obvious that the whole educational system aims at profitability, efficiency, acquisition of knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills depending on followed programs. Now, at every level of our education, we see academic failures which are essentially due to the lack psycho-pedagogical guidance because there is no clear psychological function in our education system particularly in schools.

It should not be assumed that this function can be fulfilled by teachers since they are engrossed in courses and are not equipped enough to solve all the problems relative to school life. Besides, in post-genocide Rwanda, the need of such a function in schools has increased and become alarming. Not only different problems in connection with traumatism increase the need for this function, but also we have very strong reasons to suppose that if the Rwandan schools had educational psychologists following closely the behaviour of pupils, the ideology of genocide would not be a cancer in our schools.


The department of School Psychology aims to:

  • Train the educational psychologists capable of contributing to finding solutions to individual problems facing learners and educators (parents and teachers), and in to analyse school environments
  • Train educational and guidance advisers;
  • Train the teachers of school psychology and Educational and vocational guidance.;
  • Promote basic and applied research in the field of the school psychology education and professional guidance;
  • Promote research in order to explain the causes of maladjustment, school failures and other difficulties of learning;
  • provide service to the community through the organization of the conferences, colloquiums and refresher courses, and dissemination of research results.
  • Performance profile

    Upon completion of their academic programme, students in this department will be specialists in school psychology. So, they will be employed by institutions of higher and secondary education to follow students and teachers in their psychological problems related to the school and academic life. They can also be teachers of school psychology in TTCs (Teacher Training Centres).

    Programme Details:

    Exit Awards: Bachelor’s Degree with Honours
    Modes of attendance: Full time and Part time

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