Workshop for new teaching staff members

Tuesday 29th January 2019, the Centre for Didactics and Research in Education (CEDRE) inducted all new PIASS teaching staff members. The focus of gathering was to help the new lecturers understand and own PIASS philosophy with regard to teaching, learning and assessment process. In her opening remarks, Prof. Penine UWIMBABAZI, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academics (DVCA) reminded the participants quality of instruction, good learning climate and competence based assessment as key to the success in terms of providing society with knowledgeable, skillful graduate with necessary job ethics.Moreover, she introduced participants to the meaning, organization and teaching in modular system. The coordinator of CEDRE,Mr NIYIBIZIEmmanuel, discussed with the participants on quality teaching framework and lecturer’s responsibility, reflection on competence based teaching and creation of conducive learning and the role of complex task in linking theory and world of reality as well as competence development.

The dean of faculty of education, Prof. Dr.NKUNDABATWARE Innocent introduced the participant, in reflecting on quality assessment framework .For him; lecturers are invited to think again about  (a) Why do teachers assess?, (2) How is assessment important for both students and lecturers? And (3) How do lecturers ensure the link between questions, content and objectives? The Dean discouraged assessments that are limited to marks allocation instead of ducking the level of competences.
New teaching staff members appreciated the induction session especially the level of competences, role of complex tasks, meaning and teaching in modular system. At the end of the workshop, participants suggested more sessions of professional development for quality teaching in their career.


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