PUR/PIASS 2017 Scientific Week  [SW]

The Protestant University of Rwanda [PUR/PISS]   annual Scientific Week 2017  has just ended.  The research topic that gathered the entire academic community and external scholars was: Home Grown Initiatives: Reconciliation and reconstruction of Rwanda. A well-known concept in the context of post-genocide Rwanda, Home Grown Initiatives [HGIs], include a number of Rwandan traditional values that were rehabilitated for the country to resource in for its socio-economic development. They  include: Umuganda, Imihigo; Girinka, Itorero; Umugoroba w’ababyeyi, Ndumunyarwanda; Ubudehe; Agakiriro; ubwisungane [Health Insurance], Gacaca, Abunzi; Umushyikirano.  Six of these values were topics for the PUR/PIASS Scientific Week of 2016: Ubudehe [part I], Itorero [ part I]; Imihigo; Umuganda; Agakiriro; School Constructions by parents.

For 2017 Scientific, the researchers explored more in depth the following concepts: Umugoroba w’Ababyeyi [the Parents’evening] and the concept of Family;  Ubudehe [II] in the Rutsiro District; Itorero applied to school leavers; Gacaca: the challenges of the economic compensations decided by Gacaca; School Feeding [Impamba].
The kick off ceremony of the three days conference took place on Friday 23rd evening and was led by the Vice Chancellor of PUR/PIASS, Rev Professor Elisee Musemakweli. The ceremony was attended representatives of sister universities, and by  Honorable Professor Laurent Nkusi, who represents Private Universities in the Senate of the Republic of Rwanda who was one of the external scholars to discuss the SW papers.

13 papers including seven research papers, three biblical reflections on the topics and three different intervention of external scholars in form of discussion answers to the papers of the conference.
Friday 23rd  Evening:  three  papers were presented:

  • A biblical meditation on the topic: The idea of the family in a fast changing world by Rev Catherine Day.
  • Umugoroba w’Ababyeyi by Dr Josephine Mukabera, and
  • The Concept of Family in the Bible by Rev Prof Elisee Musemakweli. These papers were discussed by Rev Dr Appoline Kabera, a sociologist, lecturer, in the University of Kigali.

Panel Discussion

Saturday  24th, the following  six papers were presented:

  • a Biblical meditation on the topic of Education by Rev Dr Olivier Munyansanga;
  • School Feeding program by Mr Abel Dufitumukiza, Christine Nyiramana and Leopold Niyonzima.
  • A critical analysis of the citizenship notion informing the Itorero for high school leavers in post-genocide Rwanda by Dr Sylvestre Nzahabwanayo,  lecturer in the University of Rwanda, School of Education.

 These papers were discussed by Honorable Professor Laurent Nkusi.

  • Ubudehe Program and Socio Economic Development in Rutsiro District by M Edward Ntakirutimana and Gaspard Ngendahayo, Assistant lecturers in PUR/PIASS, Karongi campus.
  • The Practice of  Diaconia in Protestant Churches: Source of Hope or Challenge to Christian Community by Rev Dr Wolfgang Gern, Rev Dr Viateur Habarurema and Rev Dr Obed Niyikiza with two students Leopold Hategekimana and Gady. These papers were discussed by Dr Claudetee Uwimana, Executive Director of MOUCECORE, an ONG working with communities for sustainable development and transformation.
  • A Critical Reflection on the Implementation of Girinka program: Facts from the Bugesera District by Dr Penine Uwimbabazi, Senior lecturer in the Protestant University, and Daniel Rutegibigeni, a PUR/PISS graduate and pastor in Bugesera.
  • Gacaca  and the Challenges  of compensations to Survivors  of the 1994  Genocide Against the Tutsi.
  • These papers were discussed by Judge, Dr Aime Kalimunda, Judge at the Supreme Court of Rwanda.

On Sunday a paper was presented on:

  • Home Grown initiatives [HGI]: Time for Maturity and Responsibility in Protestant Churches: New Moratorium !!” by Rev Dr Gabriel Akimana, Lecturer in the Protestant University [PUR/PIASS].

An average of 300 students participated in the plenaries and group discussions of the Scientific Week.


Students during Scientific week


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