The world climate is increasingly changing, causing troubles to environment.Africa has been identified as one of the world’s parts,the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change (IPCC 2014; Niang et al. 2014). The enormous challenges of food shortage affected many countries in Africa as a result of the droughts in countries such as Kenya Ethiopia and south Sudan (UNICEF, 2008).

Mrs Gloriose UMUZIRANENGE, Lecture in environment department explainng the impact of climate Change
The Bible says in Genesis 2:15 “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work and keep it.” From this passage,it is clear that human beings are much concerned with the responsibility of taking care of the environment.
Climate Change matters a lot for Rwandans as there are innumerable potential effects it could have on agriculture: crop growth and quality, livestock health, – farming practices, as well as pest control are also affected as well as hindering  the varieties of crops and animals that could be raised in a particular climactic areas. These could, in turn, affect the availability and price of agricultural products as well as the costs of doing business.
It is in this framework that PIASS as a higher learning Institution owned by churches, organised a training of Pastors  in addressing some of the challenges abovementioned,through providing knowledge and skills related to climate change and  its consequences on human welfare especially on food security.

Participants in this training were Pastors from the Anglican Church(EAR),Presbyterian Church (EPR),Free Methodist Church(EMLR),Pentecostal Church( ADEPR), Union of Baptists Church(UEBR), Association of Baptists Church (AEBR),students in the department of Natural Resources and Environment Management, Some of the PIASS Staff, Staff from Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) as well as some media and Rwanda Brodcasting Agency.
Pastors got knowledge related to Environment and Sustainable Development, Climate Change at global level,through the following presentations:

  • What the Bible says about Environment in General
  • Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture
  • Adaptation and mitigation measures in addressing climate change

To link theories to  Practice,the presentations‘ session was closed with a field  visit to the Anglican Church-Shyogwe Diocese,which owns an environmental friendly project using improved cook stoves reducing carbon emission commonly in the form of CO2 which contributes to the environmental degradation.

Thanks to the United Evangelical Mission [UEM] for the financial support,appreciation goes also to all churches for the participation as well as the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA).

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