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Library Regulation


1.PIASS Library Vision

To be a user centered library, focused and competitive academic library.

2.PIASS Library Mission

The mission of the library of Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences (PIASS) is to satisfy information needs, promote effective access and utilization of information available in the library, ameliorate information resources and services, and to cooperate with other academic libraries.

3.PIASS Library Objectives

  1. Work closely with users, know their needs and interests;
  2. Provide current library materials and electronic databases that support the academic curriculum;
  3. Collect library materials in all formats and update all collections to meet the needs of PIASS’s programs;
  4. Provide access to library resources and servers via web pages and online recourses;
  5. Ensure that resources available are current appropriate and accessible;
  6. Promote access to information effectively and efficiently;
  7. Evaluate information and its sources critically;
  8. Develop information technology in library;
  9. Promote online and international information research and access.
Monday to Friday                                   08 : 30 a.m to 09 : 30 p.m
Saturday                                                 08 : 00 a.m to 09 : 30 p.m
Sunday                                                   09 : 00 a.m to 01 : 00 p.m
5.1 The use of the library is free. However, a library card is obligatory to have access to books and other library services.
5.2 Access to the library facilities are conditioned to the observance of the following rules and regulations and ignorance of these will not be accepted as a defense.
6.1 All PIASS full-time and part-time students, PIASS lecturers are automatically member of the library.
6.2 All public including adults and children are welcome to the PIASS library.
6.3 All library users are given an Identification Card and particularly PIASS students use Student Identity Card in order to access to different library information services.
7.1 Library’s user Identity Card must be shown to the librarians whenever students are in need of library services.
7.2 Library’s user Identity Card must be produced on demand by librarians for the purpose of correct identification.
7.3 Library’s users are allowed to borrow books for a period of one month. Books may be renewed for another month, if they have not been reserved by another party.
7.4 Reserved books are subject to recall after seven days.
7.5 No book shall be taken out of the library until it has been officially issued.
7.6 The library’s user in whose name a book is issued shall be solely responsible for returning it.
7.7 Library books must not be taken out of the country without the permission of the Director of the librarian.
7.8 Library’s user wishing to borrow books which are not available in the PIASS library may be assisted by the Director of librarian through inter-library loan.
7.9 Reference materials and periodicals are not available for loan. They should not be borrowed.
7.10 All PIASS students, lecturers and public including children are highly encouraged to use library facilities.
8.1 A library user who fails to return a book on the date due shall be charged of 100 per day (Sundays and public holidays are not included in calculating the fines charged). In case of the total fine exceeding the value of the book the student may be required to pay for its replacement as well as the fine.
8.2 All library books remain the property of the institution and replacement costs paid will not be refunded.
8.3 All library users must return borrowed books before proceeding on holydays.
9.1 Library users will be held responsible for any damage occurring to a book while in their possession and may be required to pay for the replacement of the book.
9.2 Any defect or damage to a book should be reported to the staff at the issue desk. Library users must report at once any loss or damage to books while in their possession.
9.3 The marking and defacing of any book is strictly for any book is strictly forbidden. Any library user caught defacing Library materials shall be eligible to pay for its replacement. A repeat of this offence shall result in the suspension of the library user from borrowing library books for a period deemed necessary by the library authorities.  Material which might accidentally damage library books such as ink bottles must not be brought to the Library.
10.1 Good order must be observed in the Library:
  • Placing feet on furniture is forbidden
  • Eating in the library is forbidden
  • Sleeping in the library is forbidden
  • Moving any library equipment is forbidden
10.2 Smoking and the use of open fire in any part of the library is prohibited.
10.3 Silence must be observed at all times in any part of the library. Mobile phones must not be used in the library and must be switched off unless they are on silent or vibration modes.
10.4 Cases, parcels, overcoats, etc. must be left at the reserved place at the reception of the library.
10.5 All students leaving the library carrying books or parcels must show them to staff at the security desk.
10.6 Stealing and attempting to steal a library book or library property is a serious offence and those caught will be punished by suspension.
10.7 The Director of the library shall suspend any library user whose conduct is unbecoming. However, further disciplinary action may be preferred depending on the gravity of the offence.

11.1 All students are required to clear with the library and must pay for lost books and overdue fine before they leave the PIASS.
11.2 All Library staff will be at hand to assist library users.

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