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Program of Theology

The Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences is ready to launch in October 2018 two Master Programs in Theology which are in compliance with the National Qualification Framework and international standards and fully accredited by the Higher Education Council:
- Masters of Theology in Community Care and Development
- Masters of Theology in Christian Ethics and Leadership
1. Program specification
  • Each program comprises 180 credits to be completed within two years. These are course-based Masters in which candidates are taught through a combination of lectures and seminars. They are assessed through examinations and a dissertation based on an independent research project.
  • The first year counts 120 credits of structured course modules distributed into two semesters; while the second year covers 60 credits entirely devoted to writing-up and defense of a dissertation/thesis. The program is made up of 10 compulsory modules and 2 electives from which each student is required to take one.
  • The programs shall be delivered at weekends (From Friday evening to Saturday evening). A more flexible schedule is also envisaged. Students can meet twice a year (February, August) at PIASS for a month of intensive lectures, seminars, various forms of interaction with lecturers and exams on the modules allotted to the concerned semester. Lecturers assign specific learning tasks to students as they continue their full-time duties at home. Further interactions between lecturers and students are conducted through the Internet.
2. Admission and Registration Policies

2.1. Admission to Master’s Programs

  • Individuals apply to the Post-Graduate Committee for admission to a Master’s program.
  •  The Post-Graduate Committee assesses individual applications and communicates its decision in one month after the application deadline.
  • The Post-Graduate Committee reserves the right to reject any application that does not fulfill the conditions of admission or contains falsified documents.
  • Candidates can apply to a Master Program at PIASS  by completing the application form and sending it together with the required application documents (see information on application form), by e-mail (Office-of-postgraduate@piass.ac.rw) or normal mail to the Academic Registrar’s Office. The application form can either be picked up at PIASS reception or downloaded from PIASS website (http://piass.ac.rw/studying-at-piass/admission). The application deadline for international students is August 15. For Rwandan students it is September 15. Applicants are admitted to either full or provisional status.

2.2. Minimum Requirements for Full Admission

  • Applicants must hold an earned Bachelor’s degree with honors, upper division second class (12/20 for those who followed the old four year course system), preferably in humanities,[1] divinity[2]or social sciences,[3]from an institution accredited by the Rwandan accreditation agency, or its equivalent from an international institution with a similar level of accreditation or recognition by its home country. Applicants from other academic backgrounds may be accepted on the condition that they take some compensatory modules.
  • Assessment of a foreign degree will be based upon the characteristics of the national system of education, the type of institution attended, its accreditation, and the level of studies completed.
  • Applicants must provide certified copies of their undergraduate degree and transcripts of the entire undergraduate program.
  • Other documents needed for admission are the following: two recent colored passport size photographs, a proof of payment of application fee (not refundable), an up-to-date curriculum vitae, two letters of reference (one preferably academic), a copy of the ID/passport identification pages (the two pages that include the candidate’s photograph and detailed passport information).Applicants are also requested to write a study plan (an essay, typed and double-spaced, as a response to the following questions: How could the study programme you’re applying for add to your work and life experience? What will be the added value? Describe how this study programme will benefit your career, and clarify your motivation for applying (Max. 500-600 words). Moreover, candidates must show the ability to study in English).
  • Proof of the candidate’s ability to cover all the expenses related to his/her studies or an official attestation of sponsorship from a financial guarantor.
  • In addition to academic requirements for admission, international students, for purposes of obtaining a visa to study in Rwanda, must comply with the regulations set by the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration (DGIE). To get the accurate information about these requirements, international candidates should consult the Office of the Registrar.
2.3 Admission postponement
  • Once admitted to a Master’s Program, admission can be postponed for the next academic year following the candidate’s formal request to the Post-Graduate Committee. This can be renewed for another year only.
  • Students who fail to register and who have not requested and received an admission postponement will be administratively separated from PIASS at the end of the academic term for which they failed to register. If the candidate wishes to re-apply for the admission, he/she must start the process afresh.
2.4. Registration
  • Students must initially register for the programs in which they wish to enroll prior to the beginning of each academic year, or they will incur a late registration fee (RWF 15,000). The dates for registration shall be advertised by the office of the Registrar one month before the end the ongoing semester.
  • The names under which students registered will be used on all PIASS documents. Any request for change of name must be supported by legal documentation.
  • Students shall be given the registration number upon payment of the registration fees. Students are provided with a green card after presenting bank slips.
3. Financial requirements
The fee structure applicable in the academic year 2018-2019 is as follows: 

     Item Rwandese /East African (RWF) Non East African (USD)
Application fee (once) 25,000 30
Registration fee (per year) 50,000 60
Tuition feeRWF 1,675,000 2,455
Thesis Examination fee (once) 200,000 295
Total 1,950,000 2,840

As for living expenses (accommodation, meals, travels, communication, etc.) in the city of Huye, they are estimated at RWF 100,000 (USD125) per month. In case of admission and definitive registration for the study program, students can apply for accommodation at PIASS.Book allowance amounts to RWF 50,000 (USD 60) per year.
For any additional information, you may contact us at office-of-postgraduate@piass.ac.rw or registrar@piass.ac.rw
Rev. Dr. Viateur Habarurema

[1]The humanities include ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, geography, history, religion, art and musicology.
[1]The term refers here to the academic study of Christian theology and ministry.
[1] They include but are not limited to anthropology, archeology, economics, history, human geography, linguistics, political science, psychology, public health and sociology.