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Program of Natural Resources And Environmental Management

                        Rational of the programme
Environment pollution and natural resources mismanagement have greatest burden especially in the developing countries. This therefore calls for the need to prevent and reduce the rate of environment and natural resources degradation by improving physical, chemical, biological, cultural and social environmental conditions in our country. This is the reason why natural resources and environmental management is one of the priority areas of the government expenditure. In line with this, the government of Rwanda under the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) has established a certain number of regulations for a sustainable use and management of the environment. Beside this public agency, there is also the Rwanda Bureau of Standards (RBS) that deals with the implementation of these regulations for improving environment and natural resources management strategies.

However, the main challenge identified here is to find people with knowledge and skills for ensuring an environmental sustainability. The shortage of trained graduates in management of natural resources and environment is one of the key reasons of the degradation of the environment in most of developing countries such as Rwanda. Therefore the programme intends to produce specialists in natural resources and environmental management who will be able to integrate theory and practice in critically assessing, analyzing and managing environment and natural resources of the individual and the community.  The natural resources and environmental management graduate will acquire the necessary knowledge, and skills through lectures, tutorials, group discussion, practical, research and field works.

                     Overall aim of this programme is

To produce highly competent professionals in the field of natural resources and environmental management able  to find solutions to  problems in the area of policy-making and operational decision making on the subject of preserving the environment and sustainable development.
                     Program Exit profiles:
Upon completion of the program, graduates will be expert in analysing physical, economic and social as well as policy elements of environment and natural resources. Graduates may work with government or non-governmental organisation in areas of land use and forestry system, water resources management, landscapes, energy saving and sustainability, as well in areas of ecology sustainability. Likewise, graduate shall be advisors of policy makers of natural resources and environmental management and other environment related domains.

                  Programme organization/structure

The programme is taught within 3 years. At the beginning of the programme students are equipped by different generalities and theoretical courses related to Natural Resources and Environmental Management. Then during the remaining years teachings are focused more on practices and specific courses. More attention is given to professional practicum (organizing different field works, seminars, study trips, and so on). More specifically, in the last year students have an internship of two months (20 credits) and present a research paper (memoir).

                  Programme Eligibility

The programme should be attended by students who completed successfully secondary school level, preferably in the following combinations: -Physics- Chemistry and Maths, -Biology and chemistry, Human sciences, Teaching Training Course-integrated science, Agriculture, and Animal husbandry, and History, Economics and Geography, Economics and Geography. Also guidelines set by HEC on admission are considered.
                 Programme Details

Programme Title: Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM)     

Exit Awards:  Bachelor of Arts in Natural Resources and Environmental Management
Modes of Attendance: Full time and Part time
  • Year I:

- Level I

Module Code         Module component Credits
MAT111   Mathematics
 1111 Elements of Algebria
1112  Analytical elements
 FBI 113
Fundamentals of Biology
1131 General Biology
1132  Introduction to  Botany
1133  Introduction to Zoology
1121  Descriptions & application of a computer system
1122 Software applied to Environmental Management  
SSK 112 Study Skills
1121    Study skills and strategies
1122 Introduction to scientific research-Academic Writing
ISS 122 Introduction to Social Sciences
1221  Introduction to Sociology
1222 Introduction to politics
1223 Introduction to cultural and Religion
PE 122 Principles of  Economics
1221 Introduction to micro-economy
1222 Introduction to macro-economy
1223 Rwandan economy
EPE123  Earth’s  Physical Environment
 1231 Atmosphere
 1232 Biogeochemical cycle
STA 121 Statistics
1211 Descriptive statistic
1212  Inferential statistic
  English I Not credited
Total Credit         120

Award: Certificate of Arts in Natural Resources and Environmental Management.

Year II: Level II
Module Code Module component Credits
PEC 213 Principles of Ecology
2131 Terrestrial  ecology
2132 Aquatic ecology
NRM 212  Natural Resources Management
2121  Natural Resources Conservation
2122 Integrated Natural Resources Management
EEC  213 Environmental Economics
2131 Economic Analysis of Natural Resource Management
2132  Economics of Renewable Resources
WRM 223 Water Resources Management
2131  Introduction to hydrology system
2132 Integrated water resources management (IWRM) 
2133 Water pollution and remediation
IGR 223 Introduction to GIS   and Remote Sensing
2231 Principles of GIS.
2232  Principles of  Remote Sensing
EPL 221
Environmental Policy and Law
2211 Principles of environmental law
2212 Rwanda National Environmental Policy
and Multilateral Environmental Agreements
SLM 222 Soil and Land Resources Management
2221 Land Resources Management
2222 Soil and Water Conservation for Agro environmental Management
  English II Not credited
  Total Credits 120

Award: Diploma of Arts in Natural Resources and Environmental Management

Year III: Level III & Level IV Level III
Module Code Module component Credits
FRM311 Forestry Resources Management
3111 Introduction to Agroforestry
3112 Forestry Resources Conservation
WMG 311     Wastes Management
3111 Solid wastes Management
3112 Liquid Wastes Management
EHS 311 Environment Health and Safety
3111 Disaster Management and preparedness
3112 Occupational Health Safety and Environment
EBT312 Environmental Biotechnology
3121 Principles of environmental biotechnology
3122 Applications of Environmental  Biotechnology
ECD 312 Environment and Community Development  :
3121 Religious and environment conservation  ,
3122  Community conservation;
3123  Environmental Education and Advocacy
  Sub-Total Credits Level III         60

Award: Advanced Diploma of Arts in Natural Resources and environmental Management

Level  IV

Module Code Module component Credits
EIS 421 Environmental Information Systems
4211 Information Cycle and Needs assessment
4212 Information networking and data mobilization;
EIA 421 Environmental Impact Assessment
4211 Methods of assessing Environmental impacts
4212 Environmental Inspection and Audits
CCD 423  Climate Change and Development
4231 Introduction to the earth's climate
4232 Climate change and global environment
4233 Efforts to control climate change
Applied Research Methods in Resources Management
4231 Theoretical Framework on Applied Research
4232 Applied Research on Resources Management
  Sub-Total Credits Level IV 60
  Total credits Year III 120     

Award: Ordinary degree of Arts in Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM)
  • Year IV: Level V
Module Code Module component Credits
PEV 511 Population and Environment
5111 Demographic explosion
5112 Conflicts and Environment management
55113 Environmental Planning
EBD 513 Environmental Business and Development
5131 Environmental Business for self employment
5132 Entrepreneurship applied to natural resources
ETG 512 Environmental Technology
5121  Introduction to Environmental Technology;
5122 Environmental Technology and  Sustainable Development
AGR 512 Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing
5121 Principles of advanced GIS and Remote Sensing.
5122 Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing for environmental management
EPM 523 Environmental Project Development & Management
5231 Environmental Project Development
5232 Environmental Project Management
5233 Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation
ITP 523 Internship 20(3)
RDT523 Research Dissertation 20(3)
  Total Credits 120

Award: Bachelor of Arts   in Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM)#