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PIASS Third Graduation Ceremony

Posted October 2, 2014
The PIASS third graduation ceremony took place on Tuesday 30th September 2014. Altogether 157 graduates received their BA degrees in the hands of the Chancellor, Rev. Dr Andre Karamaga: Thirty graduates from the Faculty of theology of whom, 26 from the older course system and four from the modular system; sixty nine students from the faculty of Education, all of them from the modular system and fifty eight from the faculty of Development studies. Attended the ceremony, the  Governor of the Southern Province, Alphonse Munyantwali who was the Guest of Honour; the Mayor of the District of Huye, Mr Muzuka, Board members of PIASS, the Vice chancellors and Rectors of many sister institutions, families and members of the graduants.

Graduands During the ceremony

Following the Vice Chancellor, Professor Benoit Girardin who welcomed the guests,  and  the graduants and their families, the Chancellor, Rev Dr Andre Karamaga, also General Secretary  of the All Africa Conference of Churches,  challenged the graduates to never sit on the laurels of the degree over the feeling that they have finished their studies. The concept of Kurangiza [finishing studies] is misleading he said. The degree acquired is rather an end of a step, a motivation to start a new one which is the long process of learning up to the end. He congratulated PIASS for many various initiatives including the critical reading campaign whose winners were awarded prizes and said PIASS is doing well among many private and confessional universities in Africa. He commended the commitment of the church members for continuing support to really appropriate their institution,PIASS.
The Guest of Honour, Governor, Alphonse Munyentwali  praised the good cooperation between PIASS and the Southern Province, including the MOU signed between PIASS and the District of Huye; he  invited the Graduates and PIASS community to take advantage of and engage joint initiatives with the Province and District officers to improve the services offered to community. He commended PIASS’s plan to build a modern library which will have a section open to the public to use the facilities.
Governor Munyentwali insisted on the reading culture initiated by PIASS and invited graduants to be permanent learners. That is how their would develop their sense of being and becoming and feeling good for the benefit of community. He joined the chancellor in inviting PIASS community and the owners to develop a sense of giving so as to lead the institution to self-reliance. He reminded the participants that it’s not people who have a lot who have generous heart but people who learnt to do so, reminding that PIASS’s partners overseas [including women, older persons, even children]  may not necessarily be  richer than some among Rwandans among the participants.  He also joined the chancellor in praising the PIASS critical reading culture campaign.
In fact, apart from the conferring of the degrees by the chancellor, other great moments include the awarding of prize to the best performing students, including Jacqueline  Mukaneza from the faculty of Education who was awarded  a laptop for graduating with First Class Division. The winners of the PIASS critical reading campaign were awarded a laptop [the winner]; an abatement of 50% of annual school fee [the runner] and an abatement of 30% the two third execo. All four received additional packages comprising  books.
Vive PIASS ! Vive the Graduants of the Third Promotion.  Bonne chance in your future life.

Academic staff procession

PIASS Staff and Invited Guests during the ceremony

Rev. Prof NDIKUMANA Viateur Deputy Vice Chancellor Speaking at the graduation ceremony

Prof Dr. Benoit Girardin , Vice Chancellor addressing the participants

Rev. Dr Andre Karamaga , the PIASS Chancellor addressings the congregation during the ceremony

Speech of the Guest of Honor , Alphonse MUNYENTWALI, Governor of south Province

Recognizing one of the best students Jacqueline (faculty of education)