5th IMPEQ Conference : EDUCATION FOR GLOBALIZATION , February 12-13, 2020


At the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences | Huye/Butare Funded by Bread for the World

In partnership with the Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg


Background and Context

Today the world becomes increasingly interconnected in different dimensions. Education is seen as one way of bringing people to learn about different global issues. However not every education can be useful. Education of good quality is desired for acquiring social competencies necessary for ensuring a better future for global citizen. It is in this regard that a two-day conference is organized for providing an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to reflect on different dimensions of global learning as a necessity for ensuring sustainable development. This conference is organized in the framework of the “International Master Programme in Educational Quality (IMPEQ)” and especially in cooperation between Protestant Institute for Arts & Social Sciences (Rwanda) and Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg (Germany).


Objectives of the Conference

This conference provides a platform for participants to discuss and reflect on their role as educationist in globalization, including:


  • Make a critical examination of global issues and develop an awareness of the impact they can have on individuals and
  • Recognize the role of schools in fostering global
  • Explore alternative strategies, which are necessary for people to understand their roles within a global society and acquire abstract social
  • Understand their role as members of the global community in shaping a better world for the future global
  • Reflect on how global issues should be integrated in school

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